I’m a scientist exploring the complexity of human networks, large-scale collaborations and other bits and pieces. I’m fascinated by the power of human imagination and the intricacies of the design process.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Engineering Systems Division in DTU Management Engineering, Denmark. Before this adventure, I was Deputy Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the School of Management of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, run a start-up, did some consultancy, have been university lecturer, and worked in a few other jobs related with science and technology.

My master degree in Innovation and Technology Management was funded by a Chevening Scholarship, programme of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. My PhD was funded by DTU Management Engineering.

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DTU’s Knowledge Landcape

Website that provides rich interactive visualisations for two important sets of data at DTU: 1) knowledge assets, including publications, projects, activities and the people that produces these knowledge assets. 2) The interactions of DTU’s departments with external organisations.

Net-Sights | Homepage

Net-Sights is a data-driven web application that allows to visually explore and identify collaborative potential between companies. This web app has been developed in the Engineering System Divisions of DTU Management Engineering as an open platform to interactively map and navigate complex industrial landscapes. In its current form, Net-Sights supports decision-making processes in the Danish Cleantech Industry with application cases that range from technological capability mapping at industry-l…

Neosnet: Video demo

Early proof-of-concept of a platform for scientific collaboration and networking developed while in Chile in 2008, years before and just as ResearchGate was being developed.

Rnovo: Video demo

Rnovo is a service that allows you to perform online all the steps and payments needed to register a trademark in a certain country, bringing the user the assistance and specialised help during the process, plus offering the most competitive prices in the market. I participated in Rnovo as one of the co-founders in Chile back in 2008. This platform was the first of its kind in Latin America and it is still in active service (I left the company when I went to the UK to study my masters).

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